A Classic Website for the WSO

May 22

Saturday night Fireman Creative was recognized for our contribution to keeping classical music alive in Westmoreland County. The Palace Theater was brought to life by the Westmorland Symphony Orchestra (WSO) led by conductor Daniel Meyer and featuring the Pittsburgh Opera, WSO Chamber Singers, and the Westmorland Choral Society. The season finale selection was Ode to Joy – Beethoven: Symphony No. 9.

The 18th Season of the WSO welcomed a new and improved website designed and built by Fireman Creative to help market the symphony and the classical music academy to a wider audience. The new site has bold new images, an easy to use content management system, looks great on mobile devices and integrates with Event Bright for direct online ticket sales. Small city orchestras have an extra challenge of marketing to new audiences. The digital age gives the small organizations a fighting chance of survival as an affordable and efficient path towards establishing new audiences. Many young families have never been to a classical concert, and many don’t get exposure to classical music at all. As the core subscribers and supporters of classical music age, it is critical to introduce live performance to new audiences and motivate future fans.

Beethoven started losing his hearing in this early 30s. By 1819, he was deaf, but composed some of his most renowned works during this time. It is fitting that we are working on Fluxx Audio’s hearing protection campaign (ffluxxaudio.com) targeting young musicians to help protect their hearing.

When Sony was developing the compact disc (CD), Beethoven’s Ode to Joy was the basis for how long the recording memory should be- the CD had to be able to hold the entire symphony which is over an hour long.

The 9th Symphony was Ludwig Von Beethoven’s last symphony. It is the first time a composer used the human voice as an instrument in the composition. The piece remains wildly popular and is known as one of the greatest works of classical music. Fireman Creative is honored to be to make projects like this come to life. Please support classical music by attending concerts.

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