Collaborating with Triangle Poster Co.

Sep 26

Recently, we have had the need to print posters for several clients. While looking around the city for printing companies we discovered Triangle Poster & Printing Company, a local business not to far from the Firehouse in Wilkinsburg. Since 1905, Triangle Poster Co. has been creating amazing posters for the entertainment market and is one of the last privately owned letterpress print shops in the United States. Using traditional techniques as well as embracing modern technologies Triangle Poster Co. creates beautiful posters for every occasion.

For our needs they were able to help us create two vintage designs for two of our clients: the Fort Ligonier Days Festival and Blackberry Meadows Farms. For the Fort Ligonier Days poster we wanted to go with an old-fashioned carnival theme and luckily for us, Triangle Poster Co. has quite a few designs that fit that description. The beautiful result can be seen below.

For Blackberry Meadows a vintage-looking pig themed template caught our eye. We were actually able to visit the print room the day the printers were running our posters through and document the process. A video of our Blackberry Meadows Farms being created is below.

Overall we really value our partnership with Triangle Poster Co. for their hard work and beautiful products and designs. We look forward to future collaboration!

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