Calling all Creatives, Visionaries, and Bridge-Lovers!

Jan 21

If there’s one thing Pittsburghers love as much as the Steelers, it’s our bridges. Today’s Post Gazette article got us thinking about our project Branding Bridges.

With 446 bridges, Pittsburgh is rumored to have more bridges in the city and surrounding areas than any other city in the world. However, 18% of Pennsylvania’s bridges are structurally deficient, over two times the national average. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation plans to team up with the private sector to repair Pennsylvania’s aging bridges in its Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.

Help support Pittsburgh’s bridges by creating a brand for your favorite bridge that illustrates its unique identity. Submit your ideas on the Fireman Creative Facebook page. Let’s promote Pittsburgh’s favorite bridges together!

The first bridge has been branded! In honor of its namesake…

Journey into Pittsburgh’s Little Italy on the Bloomfield Bridge…


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