Gilad Ehven,

Senior Development Manager

“Tracht Gut, Vet Zein Gut” {Think good, and it will be good} – The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Gilad is a seasoned software and web developer with more than 25 years professional experience in the technology industry. He has worked with organizations including Microsoft (including groups like MSN, Microsoft Proxy Server, and Windows International), DMR Consulting (now Fujitsu Consulting), MSNBC, and others. While steeped in the Windows culture at MSNBC, he discovered a love of CMS processes and technologies, which eventually led him to WordPress. Gilad is passionate about all things WordPress, and works on server optimization, as well as WordPress application solutions and design. Gilad grew up in Israel before moving to the United States. He is a SciFi junkie and devoted father of four.