The Power of Collaboration

Jun 26

As a problem-solving creative agency, we need the brainpower of everyone on board to devise innovative solutions, and then to build those solutions into user-friendly websites and web applications. Our working environment is all about collaboration, conversation, and teamwork.

Let’s start with the office space.

Our office is extremely open–we have lots of windows, few walls, and open doors. The designers and developers have a connected workspace that allows them to easily kick around ideas, and the project managers are closeby. Throughout the day, we talk to each other about ideas for new projects, how current projects are progressing, and ideas we’re thinking about proposing to our clients.

Our method for writing proposals and beginning projects also relies on a collective effort to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

When we write a proposal for a new project, we begin with a team meeting. How can we help this client? What might they not be considering? What kinds of solutions can we find for their needs?

Our process is extremely participatory, and it ensures that when we get a new project, everyone is on board from the get go. Expectations are clear, as are the process and timeline. Getting feedback from everyone involved means that before we begin a new task, we’ve thought extensively about our client’s needs and already have lots of ideas on how to fill them.

Everyone’s ideas are important, and we all provide feedback throughout the process. When we brainstorm design solutions, our project managers weigh in on how the homepage should be laid out. When we write a proposal, the developers let the writers know if they have a better idea of how to explain something. Throughout the day, the designers and developers talk through implementing design concepts into the development of a website. Before we send out a proposal, design comp, or draft of a logo to a client, everyone in our office contributes their feedback.

Because of our collaborative office environment and process, we all learn from each other, and that allows us to innovate and build solutions from our collective strength. Ultimately, we do better work for our clients because of our open team approach to problem solving, design and development.

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