Afterglow Product Interactive

Engaging Gamers with a Flagship Product Launch

This project includes…

Interactive Media Production Web Design


Putting the Spotlight on a New Product

In conjunction with a new flagship product launch, Performance Designed Products (PDP) contracted Fireman Creative to build a compelling online experience to promote its new Afterglow wireless gaming headset.

The interactive allowed the user to explore a 360° rotating model of the Afterglow headset, click on informational gems to receive product information, and walk through a drag-and-drop (or touch-and-drag for mobile) setup demonstration for leading consoles.

Web Design

Product-Inspired User Interface

In addition to the high marks received by early reviewers for its performance and quality, the Afterglow headset’s design also includes exposed circuit boards, LED-lit ear pieces, and an extendable microphone.

The user interface for the online interactive built upon these product design decisions by integrating the circuit board into the background, allowing visitors to enable/disable lighting elements, and simulating the same glass and plastic textures in UI elements.

Using HTML5 and advanced event-driven JavaScript (built with Ember.js), the interactive delivers a consistent experience across all modern browsers and tablet devices.

Media Production

Coordinating 360° of Product Photography

The core of the interactive required obtaining 360° photography of the Afterglow headset, as well as various other components.

Fireman Creative coordinated with photographers, retouchers, and fabricators to photograph the headset mounted on a rotating T structure, which led to accurately capturing the required photography that would then be animated in the interactive.

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