Allies for Children

The Crossing Guard Study

This project includes…

Graphic Design Social Media Web Design

Graphic Design

Social Media Strategy

Allies for Children, the Crossing Guard Study was a joint initiative with several partners, including the Mayor’s Office and the Pittsburgh Public School district. The goal was to promote the important role of crossing guards during National Mentor Month 2016.

Fireman Creative was asked to create a digital communications strategy to bring attention to the safety and security of our children. We found creative ways of meeting these goals in multiple ways. We utilized a digital publishing platform to display the research study on their website for a more engaging experience. We created social media skins that were both playful in their look and informative. While displaying a coloring page designed by Fireman Creative, we also produced and edited short individual video clips of the children expressing admiration for their crossing guards. These clips were utilized during the Twitter party and was a huge success!

Social Media

Graphic Design

Web Design

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