City of Pittsburgh Neighborhood Plan Guide

Strategizing for the Future of a Community

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Interactive Web Design


Equity Sustainability and Resilience

The City of Pittsburgh Neighborhood Plan guide was created to achieve the Department of City Planning’s (DCP) goals to incorporate sustainability, city design, resilience, equity, and opportunity into ongoing practice and long-range planning. The DCP’s overriding goal is to sustain and enhance a thriving city of neighborhoods for people who live, work, learn, and visit Pittsburgh.

The Fireman Creative team was commissioned to help design their official guide which will be used as a standard for the development of neighborhood plans that can be formally adopted by the City Planning Commission. The City of Pittsburgh will initiate these planning processes in most instances and will use this document to guide this work.

The Fireman team understands that it is extremely important for the guide itself to be easily readable, interpreted, and navigable. This is reflected in the team’s adoption of an application-like interface for the site. The guide is equipped with a side navigation bar that is intuitively designed and scrolling animation.

Since the NPG was a brand new concept with no prior design, the Fireman Creative team was involved from the inception of the project.
The solution involved creating a readable and easy-to-use guide that is available in print, digital, and web form anywhere, any time. We created a fully responsive web version of the guide and a digital document that can be printed. We created all of the graphics and oversaw photography efforts to capture much of the public art in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

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