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Responsible Forestry That Benefits Us Socially, Economically, And Environmentally.

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This project includes…

Media Production Web Design

Web Design

New and Improved Website

To create the best hardwood flooring, the Hickman Woods Family of Companies starts with the best wood from the best trees. The Hickman family of Emlenton, PA owns and operates the business from the beautiful Allegheny Plateau in the Northern Appalachian Mountain Range, an area known throughout the world for its high-quality oak and cherry. Trees are sourced within 100 miles from the sawmill in Emlenton, PA, and used for hardwood flooring in a process 100% FSC Certified with 100% tree utilization from the forest to the floor, meeting guidelines of responsible forestry operations for supplying Appalachian Hardwood lumber and flooring.

Before the website redesign, the company was tied to four separate logos and sites under the names Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring, Hickman Woods, Hickman Lumber Co., and Hickman Timber Management which lacked connection and efficiency for user navigation. All four sites were also not consistent with branding. The Fireman Creative team was tasked to create a cohesive brand, tying all the four branches (lumber, timber, management, and flooring) of this company together. We did this by integrating all these areas under one site.

Fireman Creative developed the Hickman Woods website using an existing Elementor platform, connecting sub-sites Hickman Woods (http://hickmanwoods.com/), Hickman Lumber Co., Inc. (http://hickmanlumbercompany.com/) and Hickman Timber Management Company (http://hickmantimbermanagement.com/) together on a secure platform and branding as the Hickman Woods Family of Companies. We strategically planned the upper navigation to combine the aspects of the other sites by clearly defining the site’s informational hierarchy. The website was designed with new icons, graphics, media, and interactive features to engage users and allow them to easily navigate across different departments under a single website. Website improvements included updated imagery formatted into slideshow displays, multimedia videos, an intuitive menu with page navigation features, In the News/Blog integration, Join Our Team section, a robust resources section, mailing list signup, social media integration, and home page pop-up alerting visitors of important news, information, and opportunities for virtual tours. We also updated each company’s logo with fresh font and color to visually connect the family of companies together.

Overall, this project was successful and the client was pleased with the new look and feel of the brand which was equipped with new icons, graphics, media, and interactive features to engage users. It also became much easier for users to navigate across the different departments under a single website.

Media Production

Virtual Tour

In early 2021, Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring recruited us to create a virtual tour of their facilities. The video series takes you through their family legacy, timber management, sawmill, and dry kilns on their beautiful property in Western PA.

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